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About Menya Musashi

MENYA MUSASHI was founded by Takeshi Yamada in 1996.

Similar to the world-renowned sword master Musashi Miyamoto who proclaimed "I practice many arts and abilities - all things with no teacher" , founder Mr. Yamada self-taught himself the art of making Ramen and established this Ramen restaurant.
In respect of Musashi Miyamoto who created the unique two-sword style on his own, Mr. Yamada named his Ramen restaurant "MENYA MUSASHI".
MENYA MUSASHI currently has 14 restaurants in Japan, with overseas locations in Singapore, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Indonesia and Ukraine. In July, 2018, the first North America location was opened in Los Angeles, CA. In November, 2018, the second location was opened in Seattle, WA..

About Niten Ichiryu

NITEN ICHIRYU is a style of classical Japanese swordsmanship conceived by Musashi Miyamoto during his later years, where a longer sword in the right hand and a shorter sword in the left hand are both used.

About Niten Ichiryu from Menya Musashi

The main menu of MENYA MUSASHI NITEN ICHIRYU follows the concept of "two-sword style", featuring two categories of Japanese food, Noodles (Ramen or Tsukemen) and Tonkatsu.
For each bowl of NITEN ICHIRYU Tsukemen and NITEN ICHIRYU Ramen, the noodles are topped with 2 large pieces of braised pork belly and Tonkatsu to create a feast in one bowl.
The noodle soup is a combination of both pork bone broth and seafood. Customers can choose from a regular soup or an extra rich soup for Tsukemen.
Vegetable Ramen also be available.

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